It’s Not Easy to Fool Red Light Cameras

As you may, or may not know, the web is packed with information about ways to fool red light cameras and avoid getting a red light ticket. Unfortunately, most of the information is questionable at best.

  • I wasn’t  driving the car
  • You spray reflective materials on your plates
  • What if you argue the yellow light wasn’t long enough
  • The face in the photo is blurry
  • But I was making a right turn on red

it goes on

But from the list above, the one that takes the cake is the reflective spray technique. Photo reflector or “magic spray,” is sold by a number of companies online. According to a 2007 Discovery Channel “MythBusters” episode, as well as the LAPD, the sprays and shields are not effective.

In the LAPD red light ticket test, police tested a product called “Photoblocker,” which is sprayed onto a plate. They also tested a reflective license plate cover that is designed to prevent tickets from red light cameras. They ran each through a red light 160 times (with the intersections closed to prevent accidents). The tests were performed both during the day and at night. The results were then analyzed by the Institute of Transportation Engineers Journal.

The study concluded that the devices are not effective at preventing a red light ticket,LA Weekly reports. In some day time conditions, they did cause a slight reflection, though not enough to distort the picture. However, in some situations the plate shield increased the visibility of the plate. According to the study’s authors, “All rear plate images were clearly legible, with no significant difference between the test plate images and the control plate image. A citation could have been issued in all cases.”

Another point to consider, not only did the devices fail to live up to their claims, they are also illegal. While you are unlikely to be caught using them, they don’t work, so save your money the easy way: don’t drive through red lights.

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