Covering Car Shipping Risks

Automobile Shipping Insurance

All car owners know that they should have proper insurance.  Automobile insurance provides a sense of security that basically covers direct losses arising from any accident.   In other words, it aims to return the person to his previous state prior to the vehicular mishap.  People who are hoping to get additional perks should know that this could be considered as an act of insurance fraud and insurance fraud is punishable by law.  While you understanding your insurance policies, you might want to double check if the auto transport companies you are hiring are insured as well.

Most car shipping companies assure their customers that they do carry the necessary insurance to cover any damage that may happen to the vehicle during transport.  Of course, as much as possible, auto transport companies will prevent any disaster from your car and deliver it in perfect condition. However, it will still be better if you try to investigate and see if those auto haulers can be trusted.

First off, make sure to ask for their insurance certificate. This will not be perceived as something strange because all car transport companies are obliged by law to have one.  It will also be normal to inquire about their policies since it is your vehicle that they are transferring.

When you have finally decided on an auto transporter, you should have any guarantees offered by the company in writing. This will save you from future headaches and other possible problems.  Once they have dropped off your car, make sure that you are present when it gets checked by the company’s representative for pre-existing damages.  It would be great if you have already removed any personal items in your car beforehand. Car shipping companies are only responsible to delivering your vehicle and not your belongings. Damages that may be incurred to personal belonging in the vehicle are likely not to be covered by the insurance.

Shipping Your Car

In some cases, only the actual trucking company provides insurance.  To avoid any misunderstanding, after the delivery, immediately inspect the car for possible discrepancies.  If there is any new damage, note this on the bill of lading which both you and the driver must sign in acknowledgement.  Your claims will then be handled independently by the car shipping company once the condition report is received.

If you want an auto hauler that you can completely trust, check out  They are known as one of the most reliable auto transport companies in the country.  The trucking companies they work with are also industry veterans. In order to keep their good track record, the company constantly checks their trucking partners’ insurance for validity and if their current licenses are U.S. Government issued.  If you want your worries fully alleviated and your car to be in good hands, go for the one that truly delivers.

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